OS series
OS-V1 Small indoor driving sweeper
OS-V1 is specially designed for indoor cleaning and research and manufacturing, the machine appearance and internal structure design is clever, can be flexible in and out of the elevator, especially suitable for the use of factory interior, warehousing logistics, office buildings and parking lots
Small indoor driving sweeper
Cleaning the width1100mmBin capacity60L
Cleaning efficiency5500m²/hThe net weight360kg
The controller1 original imported CurtisTurning radius0mm(turn in place)
电力供应24(2 12V batteries)Driving Motor Power1KW
Working time3~4hMaximum working speed5km/h
Filter area4m²Top speed6km/h
Climbing ability<15Operating motor power700+250+80/W
Side brush number2个The side brush width450mm
The length of the brush590mm